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Ital Trade | Solar power Uganda | Highest quality – SERVICES

From custom engineering to customer care, Ital Trade is your premium service provider.

Sale of quality solar equipment
retail and wholesale.
Physical site survey
custom design of systems & advice.
Power analysis
including log information and reports.
Experienced engineers
Our engineers have years of exprience in solar power installation techniques. 
System installation
maintenance and repairs.
After sales service
with a good espresso
Frequently Asked Questions
How is installation done?
We have a highly experienced technical team to do the design, installation, maintenance and repairs. You may have an electrician of your own to do the installation but we strongly advise against it because we could not warranty the equipment.
What is the system cost?
First and foremost, the cost depends on the application, whether it is back-up, stand-alone or hybrid. Secondly, the system sizing. Users have different power requirements and will therefore require different systems. A school will require more electricity than a household.
How is the system sizing done?
System sizing depends on the power consumption of the devices you want to power up and for how long, in terms of hours or even days.

  • It is important that you check the power ratings indicated on your devices, normally given in Watts or Amps. This will determine the inverter or inverter/charger size.
  • Then identify how long your power outages are or in case of solar system, simply how long you intend to run your electrical devices on the system. This should determine the number of batteries you will need.
  • The number of solar panels is determined by the battery capacity. The panels have to provide sufficient power to fully charge the batteries with in the day.
  • The solar regulator sizing is determined by the total current from the solar panels.
Can it power heating elements such as a cooker, kettle or Iron box?
These are very high power consumption electrical equipment. It is never advisable to have them on solar/power back-up systems because:

  • You would require an extremely high budget to have such a system installed.
  • Chances of over-loading the inverter and thereby damaging it are very high.
  • The battery life will be much shorter.
Do you do installations outside Kampala?
Yes, we do. We also install beyond borders in South Sudan, Rwanda and DRC
Does the system require separate wiring?
Our systems are connected onto the pre-existing electrically wired system. However, you will require extra cabling from the panels to the inverter, from the inverter to the batteries and for inter-connecting the batteries.
Does the system require maintenance?
Ital Trade makes sure to install maintenance free batteries, it would be the only component that requires maintenance. Otherwise, simply make sure that all system components are clean.
Is the system repairable?
With the exception of the batteries, all the components are repairable depending on the extent of the damage.System failure may result from any of the following:

  • Poor system design
  • System over load
  • Lightening struck
  • Power fluctuations
What is the warranty period?
Ital Trade’s systems comprises of several components, each of them being from a different manufacturer, the warranties too vary. Manufacturer warranty on major components is:

  • 20 years on solar panels
  • 2 years on inverters
  • 1 year on batteries
  • 1 year on solar regulator

Interested? Inquire Now!

Ital Trade is the premium Ugandan power supply when it comes to solar power solutions of high quality.Contact us today to inquire about the possibilities for your home or business. We serve Kampala, Uganda and beyond.